You’re the Worst: Fare thee well, old friend

‘You’re the Worst’ perfectly encapsulates the anti-rom-com genre, and definitively so.

Created by Stephen Falk and steered by an incredibly talented cast in Chris Geere, Aya Cash, Desmin Borges and Kether Donohue; the sitcom revolves around two self centred egotists who decide to give each other a chance.

Through all its ups and downs laced with wit and humour, and after 5 dysfunctional, mental yet realistic and relatable seasons, ‘You’re the Worst ends its beautiful run with the series finale ‘Pancakes’ that proves to be one of the most fitting finales by a mile!

I’m glad I had the pleasure to witness the beginning of a tale that stuck to its roots by being brutally honest in its depiction and execution as well as tackling and highlighting major problems like depression, addiction and PTSD. And it’s safe to say that this dark comedy does it right!

Here’s to many more ‘Sunday Fundays’ as we hope to go back and revisit the clarity in confusion, in the years to come.

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