Hey there! I’m Noel.

I’m an architect, cinephile, podcaster & generalist.

I wish to curate and share thoughts, ideas & content that hopefully are as intriguing to you, as they are to me! 🙂

Stuff I’ve been working on…

For The Love Of

Last year (2020) I decided to start a podcast. Inspired by ‘The Seen & The Unseen’ by Amit Verma, ‘For The Love Of’ is a compendium of thoughts and ideas which are explored through conversations on far ranging topics.

These include, but are not limited to, film, television, books, podcasts, history, culture, photography, design, and just about everything else in the middle.

The Big Little Screen

My love for Cinema started about a decade ago and I’ve continued to explore and write about films through multiple blogs.

This particular & curious film blog emerged during the Lockdown, as we binged and chowed down on everything on offer – from books to films to podcasts – all through those portable and sometimes pocket friendly, thumb loving devices.

The Big Little Screen also ties into the podcast – For The Love Of .


The Design Portfolio page is under construction!

The Envelope

And finally, the Blog + Newsletter! The Blog is live now! Subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter at the bottom of the page.

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