We are Who We are: This is TV like you’ve never seen before

Luca Guadagnino returns with a slow burn coming of age story for the small screen. Touted as “spiritual successor” to ‘Call Me By Your Name’, which to be honest really is pretty reductive. ‘We Are Who We Are’ is more than capable of standing on its own two feet and feels more like a spiritual awakening – a force of nature.

‘WRWWR’ – as it playfully appears across the screen – is a poetic, elegant and carefully crafted smorgasbord of emotions – a complex explosion of rage, discontent, sadness, joy confusion, desire, identity, sexuality, curiosity with heavy political undertones.
Set on an American Army Base in a small town in Italy, the show follows the lives of two teenagers – Fraser & Caitlin played by Jack Grazer and Jordan Seamon respectively – as they set out on a path of self discovery, angst, rebellion, love & acceptance.
With stunning break out performances by the two main protagonists –  who are absolutely phenomenal – ‘We Are Who We Are’ is a potent and heady mix of, well, life.
All this topped off with a masterful screenplay and gorgeous filmmaking that breathes life into what could arguably be called one of the best shows of the year and also, an entirely new way of creating for the small screen. It’s a hugely affecting story and can weigh down on you, it’s safe to say that this should not be swallowed all in one go – making it a rare exception among the burgeoning binge fests.
In the words of the creator himself. “I hope the audience feels love. I hope they feel confusion. I hope they feel restless. And eventually I hope they understand all of the people we describe.” – Luca Guadagnino
Let it breathe,
as it swirls around you,
let it sweep you off your feet,
And fill you in.
Until the stillness feels like a friend. 

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