Urbanism: Reading Cities & Their Stories

with Tarun Bhasin

Part I

This episode right here is a conversation with a friend of mine from Architecture School. He joins us today to discuss cities and the many narratives within.

Tarun Bhasin is an alumnus of School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal. He is currently pursuing an M.Sc. in Building and Urban Design in Development from the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL.

He is passionate about understanding the role of architecture in the public domain of the Global South, primarily India. Therefore, his vocation and observations extend beyond architecture as a design and construction based discipline to a vocation that borderlines other vocations that are not defined by independent logic such as economics, sociology, philosophy, literature etc. His observations and style stem from him being a writer, who has approached architecture, with words rather than graphics.

Tarun has participated and received recognition in a few national and international competitions. He is currently working on his dissertation that is about understanding India’s rural-to-urban migration to suggest participatory co-production planning strategies and consequent policy frameworks to alleviate their conditions.

He is simultaneously working on operationalising his blog ‘YodaGoesSkinnyDipping’, and also working on concretising some startup ideas to put into action post masters.

He considers himself a hobbyist, and his objectives stem from a desire to explore general knowledge, and being entertained while doing so, rather than competitive ambition.

So stay tuned as I connect with an old friend and discuss his journey over the past couple of years and the stories that help define cities and its people. All this through his brush with architecture, design, his love for long form writing and an insatiable desire to know more.


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Part II

In the previous part we spoke about Tarun’s journey from architecture school, his love for storytelling and an overview of two cities citing some of his work. As we move forward, we’ll explore Tarun’s passion for long form writing and expressing his thoughts on cities by talking about films that are intrinsically linked to geographical spaces and locations, as well as the idea behind his dissertation.


FutureArc Competition Entry

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