The Big Little Screen: One Strange Rock

with Yug Aggarwal & Tarun Bhasin

Tarun and Yug, join us in a segment that we have cemented as the first recurring monthly talk show, where we discuss everything that has to do with all the latest films and tv shows.

With this we’ll share what we’ve been watching over the past couple of weeks and what we are looking forward to in the months to follow. We’ll be dissecting a particular show or film and even commenting on the work of directors, cinematographers, actors and composers – and we’ll try all this by keeping spoilers to a bare minimum unless mentioned otherwise.

This time around we’ll be discussing Nat Geo’s and Darren Aronofsky’s docu-series One Strange Rock.


One Strange Rock 


Money Heist



Night on Earth 


The Trial of the Chicago 7

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Black Swan 

Requiem for a Dream

Small Axe Anthology





Mad Max: Black & Chrome

Sound of Metal

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