Normal People: A Breathtaking and Intimate Tale of Love, Loss and Acceptance

Wondrous, magical, messy, complicated and oh so relatable ‘Normal People’ is one show that revels in nuance and subtlety – capturing each moment in all its raw emotive glory.

A tale of unremitting, everlasting and unconditional love that is wonderfully balanced and beautifully paced with a whole lot of sex – explicit, yet tender and pure. ‘Normal People’ ain’t your run of the mill romantic drama series. It’s overwhelmingly powerful and moving – effortlessly traversing themes of grief, power & consent and handles them extremely well – which leaves you swimming in a sea of thoughts and emotions aided by an inspired musical score that is an event in itself.

Not taking anything away from the casting directors, who have succeeded here on so many levels but, Daisy and Paul are absolutely electric together as their palpable chemistry enchants, amazes and ensnares the senses – as you’re welcomed aboard the emotional rollercoaster – which can be frustrating at times but so is life so to speak.

A love story that masterfully and powerfully redefines the otherwise hapless, superficial and flippant playing field when it comes to the genre it belongs to. ‘Normal People’ is and will continue to be a breathtaking and intimate tale of love, loss and acceptance.

Through all the pain, suffering, anger, insecurity and moments of bliss, solitude and happiness there’s one thing that elevates the show above all others – it is amazingly Human. A rare piece of cinematic wizardry, this is one show you can keep coming back to again and again. Do binge watch this if you can. Thank me later. 🙂

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