Knives Out: An intriguing ‘whodunit’ with a not so intriguing ending

Rian Johnson is an interesting filmmaker – Looper was really good – and was an inspired choice to spearhead the next trilogy in the Star Wars Universe (don’t know whether that’s happening now).

UPDATE: Netflix buys the rights for the next two films

Knives Out takes a fascinating look at family politics, wealth and the social disparity that arises out of it along with an impressive ensemble cast let down a bit by Daniel Craig’s cringeworthy Southern drawl.
On the whole, Johnson delivers an entertaining, cunning and clever dark comedy that goes beyond the generic ‘whodunit’ storyline and keeps you guessing each and every step of the way.

People can rave and rant about this one all they want and declare this as one of the best films of 2019, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s good but certainly could have been better – especially towards the end.

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