Incendies: Earth Shatteringly Good⁣

Denis Villeneuve’s penchant for gripping, powerful, atmospheric yet emotionally devastating thrillers comes from a single source – Incendies. Period.

A riveting familial drama that draws you in through its war torn landscape as well as the pathbreaking performances by the leads – a mixture of pathos, grit and conflict that blend seamlessly to create a stunning feature. ⁣

Time plays a pivotal role in all his films and even more so in this as the viewer is sent out on a quest – with the numerous protagonists – to uncover the truth about their mother’s past all the while oscillating between various timelines ultimately culminating in a jaw dropping sequence of events. ⁣

A Villeneuve film is incomplete if it doesn’t have a twist or two that complete destroy your mind – and the slow-burn that is Incendies, actually is Earth-shatteringly good.⁣

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