I’m Thinking of Ending Things⁣: The description says it all

Mesmerisingly disconcerting and audaciously brilliant, Kaufman pulls you in with his words that flow as effortlessly as the sands of time – an experiment of sorts that bubbles with the effervescence of Jessie Buckley, the versatility of David Thewlis, the reserve of Jesse Plemons, and the idiosyncrasy of Toni Collette.⁣

The psychological thriller is a startling and fascinating look into the deep recesses of a muddled yet highly functioning mind – a whirlpool of thoughts of emotions – deep into the abyss – only to regurgitate forming newer swirls, branching outwards, like the tentacles of octopi – different yet very much the same. ⁣

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a spellbinding experience and leaves much to open interpretation while also being a commentary on society and familial ties – with Kaufman being able to assert himself as an extremely intelligible individual without being overtly arrogant.⁣

In effect, it’s a metaphorical ride through time while the old man stands still – “It’s all planned and yet it isn’t thought out.”⁣

P.S. There’s an homage to Eternal Sunshine in there as well – well sort of. :P⁣

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