The Big Little Screen: Exploring Tenet

with Manu & Yug

Part I

Manu and Yug, join us in a segment – The Big Little Screen – that we have cemented as the first recurring monthly talk show, where we discuss everything that has to do with all the latest films and tv shows.

With this we’ll share what we’ve been watching over the past couple of weeks and what we are looking forward to in the months to follow. We’ll be dissecting a particular show or film and even commenting on the work of directors, cinematographers, actors and composers – and we’ll try all this by keeping spoilers to a bare minimum unless mentioned otherwise.

This time around we’ll be discussing Christopher Nolan’s Tenet as well as our fascination with the director, his process and style.


TENET | Trailer

How Christopher Nolan Writes and Directs a Movie

TENET | Nolan Has an Exposition Problem

Why TENET is a Modern Masterpiece

Honest Trailers | TENET



The Trial of The Chicago 7

The Social Network

Small Axe

Portrait of a Lady on Fire


12 Monkeys




Coup 53

TV Shows

True Detective | Season 1

The Sopranos



The Nolan Variations | Tom Shone

Part II

We continue from where we left off. Enjoy!


Christopher Nolan on TENET | Interview

How Christopher Nolan Elevates the Movie Montage

Ludwig Göransson on Tenet’s Film Score and Working with Christopher Nolan | The Breakdown

Writers Bloc Presents: Christopher Nolan, Tom Shone and Kenneth Branagh

Fan Theory Connects TENET to Interstellar


One Night in Miami

The Little Things

Blade Runner 2049




Little Shop of Horrors


First Cow


The French Dispatch


I Am Not Your Negro



Best of Enemies

TV Shows


Resident Alien


Stories of Your Life & Others | Ted Chiang

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It was quite an enriching experience! just like verbalizing design is also design…. verbalizing movies opens up different gateway to understand the artform better.

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