Blow The Man Down⁣: Thoroughly enjoyable

A brilliant, entertaining and sometimes whimsical dark comedy thriller that reminded me a bit of something the Coen Brothers would have worked on.

But no. This right here is a female centric film written and directed by Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy and lead effortlessly by a strong cast in – Sophie Lowe, Morgan Saylor and Margo Martindale. ⁣

A lot of films struggle to take advantage of their contexts, this one does a helluva job at not only identifying its strengths in its local setting but also manages to craft a compelling narrative that doesn’t run out of steam along the way. ⁣

Synopsis: “Mary Beth and Priscilla Connolly attempt to cover up a gruesome run-in with a dangerous man. To conceal their crime, the sisters must go deep into the criminal underbelly of their hometown, uncovering the town’s darkest secrets.”⁣

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