Billie Eilish – The World’s A Little Blurry: Life indeed is a Song

Moving, authentic, raw, intimate, and a marvellous momentous achievement. This has to be one of the most seamless and articulate documentaries on any musician. Period. 

Billie and music are inseparable and the film makes sure that it never moves too far away from it,  nor does it succumb to the pressures of a conventional style of documentary filmmaking – that can sometimes turn people away from the content. 

Enter R.J. Cutler, who beautifully and impeccably captures and portrays Billie’s transformation – the fame, the good, bad and the ugly that follows – from feeling like an outsider, isolated and frustrated, to being in a much better place – without thinking too much about how everyone else perceives her and focusing more on herself.  

Gear up for a phenomenal and fascinating behind the scenes look into the life of a Generational Talent who was destined to be an artist. 

Words just ain’t enough for this and as I struggle to write this review, I urge you to experience the film and Eilish through her music, her angst, all her ups and downs and live the rollercoaster called life. And yeah, The World is a Little Blurry!

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