Ad Astra: A fine balance between nuance and action

‘Ad Astra’ easily lies on the other end of the spectrum if compared to ‘Prospect’ and that too in all categories – right from the budget to special effects.

The film easily slots into the category of really good looking space adventures with an A-Lister steering the ship. Pitt has outdone himself and his career seems to be ageing like a fine bottle of wine.

There’s something about space. An innate and insatiable desire to explore the unknown, reach out and go beyond. James Gray’s intimate, nuanced and cerebral narrative captures your imagination and thrusts you into the vastness and emptiness of the final frontier. However, the entire film is underpinned by an unyielding message of hope.

It is extremely surprising and disappointing that this one seemingly slipped under the radar. A. visual treat and a story about a father and son and the quest to be re-united. Even that over the top ending didn’t ruin it.

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