Tigertail: Poignant, Powerful, Wistful and Nostalgic⁣

A poignant, powerful, wistful and nostalgic drama that highlights the struggles of a Taiwanese immigrant in search of the American Dream. 

Alan Yang’s (the co-creator of ‘Master of None’) directorial debut isn’t going to blow anyone away with ‘Tigertail’ but he doesn’t have to. The film isn’t perfect and doesn’t flesh out most of its characters but Yang has truly delivered a heartfelt and beautiful story of love, loss and hardship – delving deep into the complexities of relationships as the film flits gracefully between the past and the present. Tzi Ma as Pin-Jui is truly exceptional and masterfully carries the weight of the film right till the very end. ⁣

There’s a whole lot of soul, depth and nuance thrown into this which, unfortunately, many viewers will fail to grasp and grow impatient of the pace of the film, as the story slowly uncoils itself and lays itself out for all to see. ⁣

Yang may not have had the big bang debut he may have wanted, but he isn’t that far off the mark. Looking forward to his sophomore outing.⁣

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