The Refrain: Voiceovers & Soundchecks

with Shagun Trisal

Part I

The Refrain: Voiceovers & Soundchecks

Shagun Trisal is a singer, voiceover artiste and former lawyer, originally hailing from the capital city of New Delhi but now based out of Mumbai.

He is the former frontman of Delhi-based metal/rock band Kraken, with whom he has won several competitions, including the Rolling Stone Metal Award in 2015 for ‘Best Track Popular Choice’ for their debut single ‘Dance Jane Dance’, and the prestigious ‘Livewire’ competition at IIT-Bombay’s Mood Indigo festival.

Over the past couple of months Shagun has launched and co-founded a new podcast called Letters from the Lockdown – A podcast where people share experiences of the lockdown through open letters to their listeners.

Recently he has collaborated on tracks with YSP & Friends on their brand new single ‘Breathe‘ as well as with Khwaab on his debut single ‘Summer’s Day.’

In this episode of The Refrain – Voiceovers & Soundchecks – we dive headfirst into his journey from his time at school to getting a Law Degree and from unleashing the beast with Kraken and ultimately becoming a voiceover artiste.

Part II

In Part 2 , Shagun and I continue our conversation about his work as a voiceover artiste, the indie music scene, his process as a vocalist as well as collaborating to release singles like Breathe and Summer’s Day.


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