The New Pope: A Provocative Meta Feast

Extremely self aware, over the top and beautifully executed, ‘The New Pope’ is a continuation of Jude Law’s story as Pope Pius XIII in ‘The Young Pope’ – with the brilliant entrance of John Malkovich.

Unabashed and unapologetic, the show has ruffled quite a few feathers along the way and isn’t shy of controversy and purported blasphemy. By highlighting the many shortcomings and scandals that have rocked the Church in recent times, ‘The New Pope’ delves deeper into the functioning of the Church, questioning its relevance as well as the shadow of moral ambiguity that looms large over the Order.

Having said that, the show is incredibly well enacted with a witty politically charged script and an affinity for the profane – Paolo Sorrentino’s second serving is a sumptuous delectable artistic treat that carries forward the ethos of the first season – The Young Pope.

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