The Lighthouse⁣: What in the world was that?!

A strange, eerie, hypnotic, majestic spectacle of a film that goes down a rabbit hole of madness as the keepers succumb to the perils of desolation and the true power of the elements. ⁣

An ode and a stark reminder of films of a bygone era, Robert Eggers – an auteur on the rise, you gotta watch ‘The Witch’ – proves that the Black & White format can still be used to create stunning imagery that is evocative, visceral and absolutely magical. ‘The Lighthouse’ is one of those that needs to be seen on the big screen to experience the symphony of insanity. ⁣

A true psychological thriller that has been brought to life by the incredible Willem Dafoe and the impeccable Robert Pattinson – an inspired casting decision that needs to be lauded as well.⁣

I can still hear that foghorn in the recesses of my mind. Can’t wait for Eggers’ next horror film ‘The Northman’.⁣

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