The Invisible Man: Elisabeth Moss brings the ‘oomph’ back to the horror genre

Smart, sophisticated and a marvelous retelling of a classic, ‘The Invisible Man’ is a relatable tale that packs some punches and redefines the horror genre – sometimes what scares us the most is what can be explained. A deeply layered film led by one of the finest actors in the industry today – Elisabeth Moss take a bow – draws attention to the realities of domestic violence.

Don’t get me wrong. The film has its flaws and like any other horror film, ‘The Invisible Man’ is predictable most of the time until something completely unexpected flies straight at your face – that’s where Leigh Whannell’s take shines.

This is only complemented by a well thought out, structured and coherent narrative essentially brought to life by a fantastic, eerie and frenetic score – horror just doesn’t work without music.

In the words of Elisabeth Moss: “Turn Off the Lights, Turn Up the Volume.”

P.S. Now that we have a certified hit, could Universal’s third attempt at restarting the Dark Universe start showing some signs of life? I doubt it. Only time and a proper vision for the next slate of films will hold the key to its success.

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