The Complete Experience: Castle Rock

Four episodes in and I’m hooked! I may be a little late to the party but after ‘The Outsider’ this one seemed like the next go to binge-able show.

Synopsis: “Castle Rock is an American psychological horror anthology web television series, featuring and inspired by characters, settings, and themes from the stories created by Stephen King and his fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine. “

With J.J. Abrams as part of the team of executive producers and a heavy duty cast in  André Holland, Melanie Lynskey, Bill Skarsgård, Jane Levy, and Sissy Spacek, ‘Castle Rock’ has a healthy dose of Stephen King alright and then some.

The anthology route seems to be working for Hulu with this one. Could ‘The Outsider’ follow in the same vein with Holly Gibney as the anchor? I hope so!

There’s an official podcast that you could tune in to after each episode Footnate: Castle Rock – The Official Companion Podcast.

Also, the show isn’t based on any particular book, rather the stories can be associated with four different works by King (all based in the fictional town of Castle Rock of course) – Different Seasons, The Green Mile, The Dead Zone, Needful Things.

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