Star Wars | The Rise of Skywalker: Absolutely Abysmal

A follow up to arguably one of the largest science fiction franchises was going to be a herculean task and only a giant like Disney could have succeeded in pulling it off. But boy, what a mess!

Incoherent, unnecessary, weirdly off the pace, riddled with plot holes – the list can go on and on. It all stems from a desire to appease the fans rather than stay true to the film and the experience of watching a Star Wars entry. The sequel trilogy may have raked in the moolah for Disney but I really feel the films should be expunged from the face of the Earth.

The Rise of Skywalker was absolutely ludicrous and shockingly poor so much so that I forgot that I’d actually seen this 10 days ago. It’s time for a new direction in the Star Wars Universe and the fact that there aren’t going to be any more films any time soon is a step in the right direction.

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