Son of Saul⁣: A one of a kind experience

A harrowing, unsettling and extremely tedious watch which all stems from the suffocating yet immersive perspective of the camera. And that’s exactly what the director tried to achieve and went on to win an Academy Award for it as well! ⁣

I wouldn’t go on to call this a first person perspective (like other reviewers have), it’s similar, but not the same. For a true first person perspective you’ll have to watch ‘Maniac’.⁣

‘Son of Saul’ does an incredible job of highlighting the horrors of the concentration camps and does so down to the smallest detail. ⁣

Synopsis: “During World War II, a Jewish worker (Géza Röhrig) at the Auschwitz concentration camp tries to find a rabbi to give a child a proper burial.”⁣

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