Photography: Through The Lens

with Nipun Prabhakar

Part I

This one is close to me one – because I’ll be talking to a friend of mine from college – about him, his work and his tryst with the camera. I have always known Nipun as an extremely passionate individual and I welcome him to the show.

Nipun Prabhakar is an independent photographer and architect based in Kutch and Delhi. He works on long term photo-documentary projects. Besides that, he designs, researches and documents the intersections of built environments and communities.

He has been working with the nomadic pastoralist communities of India, documenting their lives in the context of migration, climate change, conflicts, and displacement. As an Architect, he has worked with various South Asian communities dealing with disasters and conflicts.

His thesis on the rehabilitation of the riot-hit community in Muzaffarnagar won him a National Award by the Council of Architecture and Tamayouz International Award for the Best Graduation Project.

Nipun has been engaged in multiple rehabilitation projects in Nepal which also involved him extensively documenting public spaces and architectural heritage. He has since worked on photo essays for various national and international organizations.

He was the co-recipient of the Berkeley Essay Prize 2014 and was the Cornell South Asian Fellow for 2019-20 for his project on Doors of Kathmandu.


Instagram | Nipun Prabhakar

Medium | Nipun Prabhakar

LinkedIn | Nipun Prabhakar


Studio Bimb

Post-Riot Rehabilitation using a Gandhian Framework | Tamayouz International Award

Spaces To Grow In – A Comparative Study of Two Orphanages by NIPUN PRABHAKAR AND SUKRUTI GUPTA | Berkeley Essay Prize Competition

In photos: Inside the United Nations headquarters building in New York | Round City

Part II

I continue my discussion with Nipun as we delve further into his work and what he’s been doing during the lockdown.


Instagram | Nipun Prabhakar

Medium | Nipun Prabhakar

LinkedIn | Nipun Prabhakar

Studio Bimb

Living Lightly

A Kutch Magician’s Disappearing Act During Lockdown

The Taragaon Museum: One of Nepal’s First Modern Buildings

The Doors Of Kathmandu

The Lockdown Portraits

Marg Magazine

Revisiting the Life of Revathi Kamath: The Torchbearer of Vernacular Architecture

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