Paatal Lok: An Almost Perfect Neo-Noir Crime Thriller⁣

A clever, confident, mature and bold new age of television and film has emerged in the Indian landscape and ‘Paatal Lok’ perfectly embodies those sentiments. 

To be honest, a lot of credit needs to be given to the numerous streaming platforms that have cropped up over the years – giving free rein to producers and directors to share fresh, original and diverse content that viewers have been yearning for since the turn of the century. ⁣

Produced by Clean Slate Films (Anushka Sharma’s banner), written by some insanely talented people in Sudip Sharma Sagar Haveli Hardik Mehta & Gunjit Chopra, and ⁣
directed by Avinash Arun & Prosit Roy, the show brilliantly captures and showcases the dark underbelly of India – something most of us prefer not to talk about or turn a blind eye to – staring straight into the abyss replete with issues revolving around power, greed, hate, politics, caste, race, gender and religion. Yes. But they manage to pull it off somehow. I guess the magic lies in its delivery and dialogue.⁣

‘Paatal Lok’ does a lot of things right. From its cast to its character development & from its plot to the pace of the narrative – there’s a whole lot going on and the creators have done a commendable job at delivering a solid story.⁣

However, the show does falter as it comes to a close. It tries too hard to stitch everything together and leaves nothing for the imagination. I would have preferred a more ambiguous ending both when it comes to morality as well as the narrative. ⁣

On the whole, ‘Paatal Lok’ is a rare, dark, gripping, intense, and deeply rich & layered series that you really really need to tune in to. ⁣

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