High Maintenance: A pot dealer in New York. Need I say more?

Over the years, HBO has developed an interesting and steady mix of anthology series which seem to have formed a niche – between the mainstream and the fringe.

‘High Maintenance’ joined Home Box Office in 2016 after enjoying some success on Vimeo and I am extremely glad that the creators (Ben Sinclair, who plays ‘The Guy’ and Katja Blichfeld) took that call. 

Hilarious, woke, poignant, with a great cast and extremely well crafted the show is extremely underrated and deserves a shot.
At its core, ‘High Maintenance’ is about people and everyday life. The premise below says it all.

Official Synopsis: “The Guy is a nameless marijuana dealer in Brooklyn who delivers his goods via bicycle to stressed-out clients across New York City, who try to savour the highs of life in an increasingly volatile world. While dropping off weed to his customers, he makes brief appearances in their lives to get a glimpse at their daily routines, allowing viewers to explore the existences of intriguing, colorful individuals from all walks of life.”

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