High Flying Bird: Provocative, Gripping and Tantalizing at its best⁣

High Flying Bird isn’t your conventional Basketball movie. Sure it talks about it, but not one proper game is played during its 90 minute runtime.

Ray Burke, a sports agent, sets out to bring an end to a lockout – a complete shutdown to be precise, if team owners and players fail to come to an agreement about payment conditions – all within a time frame of 72 hours.

Brought to life by Steven Soderbergh and his iPhone 8 – seriously, this was shot on a phone – High Flying Bird is a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded and predictable playing field. ‘Bird’ is provocative, gripping and tantalizing at its best. ⁣

Starring André Holland, Zazie Beets, Sonja Sohn & Zachary Quinto the film is replete with wonderfully charged performances not only by its All Star Cast but also by actors in supporting roles. ⁣

It’s a slick film that goes behind the scenes and reveals a very different side of the sport that many of us aren’t aware of. Definitely worth a watch!⁣

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