Calls: The Universe Did It

Apple TV’s new original based on Timothée Hochet’s French drama with the same name, is an unnerving, tense, unforgettable and immersive sensory experience that manages to take you on a mind bending journey across time and space, as you – the listener – act as a fly on the wall and listen in on numerous seemingly random yet interconnected phone calls. 

By not focussing on the visual – as we have grown accustomed to – the creator seeks to capitalise on our creativity and amplify our ability to imagine new worlds – effectively serving up a unique experience to each and every listener.

These are exciting times for audio dramas and with ‘Calls’ we have a a sure fire winner on our hands – a true sci-fi horror series that speaks volumes without doing much and one that feeds on our own individual deep rooted fears.

Yes I’m absolutely enamoured by the show but that’s not all. There’s a star studded voice cast as well in Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Aubrey Plaza, Ben Schwartz, Clancy Brown, Danny Huston, Danny Pudi, Karen Gillan, Lily Collins, Mark Duplass, Nick Jonas, Nicholas Braun, Pedro Pascal, Riley Keough & Rosario Dawson to name a few.

Would this have worked only as a podcast without those weird minimal visualisations? Probably not. You’ll understand soon enough. The Universe Did It. 

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