Birds of Prey : There’s beauty in the Chaos. Eh. Maybe a bit. ⁣

‘Birds of Prey’ (I’m not even going to try writing that enormously huge sub-title, which WB eventually changed!) is a fun, not-so-serious, fast paced departure from the other hits and misses that Warner Bros. has conjured up in the past couple of years. 

Cathy Yan takes over the reins this time around and manages to put her own stamp on a raucous, colorful, chaotic, visceral and action packed Harley Quinn spin-off that celebrates girl-power to the hilt.⁣

Margot Robbie is the definitive Harley Quinn and whoever cast her in the role needs to be given a permanent job at WB! Enter David Ayer, who brought her on board and he decided to give up the chance to direct a ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel – who wouldn’t especially since WB has an annoying knack and notorious streak of messing around with almost all their films. And this is no exception! The abysmal marketing around this one definitely pulled the film back at the Box Office.⁣

Yes, ‘Birds of Prey’ is enjoyable but does it do enough? I don’t think so. And that’s where it falls a bit short. But, a tone has been set and the ball falls squarely in WB’s court. It’s up to them to carry this forward. ⁣

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