Adaptations: Normal People by Sally Rooney

Photo: Courtesy Hulu

with Sampada Srivastava & Swayam Khanna

Part I

For this episode we dive deep into the wondrous, messy, complicated and oh so relatable world of ‘Normal People’.

From Connell & Marianne’s love affair to the impeccable casting decisions and from the magical filming locations to the inspired musical score. There’s going to be a bit of everything. And yes we will be bringing up Connell’s chain that’s gone viral as well! What in the world was that about?

So tune in as we dissect the show, the book and what’s next for the characters with two very special guests – Sampada & Swayam.

Also, there will be spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t seen the show, please turn back now. Watch it. Get emotionally battered and bruised and then come here for round 2!


Normal People – Trailer

Letters – With Love 

Aarya (available on Disney+ Hotstar)

Frank – Trailer

Room – Trailer

One Day – Trailer

The Before Trilogy

Part II

We continue from where we left off!


Normal People – Trailer

Letters – With Love

At The Clinic

Aarya – Trailer (available on Disney+ Hotstar)

Normal People Spotify Playlist

Misfits – Series Trailer 

Dasvidaniya – Trailer

The Big Sick – Trailer

Staying In with Emily & Kumail Podcast 

Dave – Trailer (available on Disney+ Hotstar)

Ramy – Trailer 

High Maintenance – Trailer (available on Disney+ Hotstar)

Atypical – Trailer (available on Netflix)

After Life – Trailer (available on Netflix)

Easy – Trailer (available on Netflix)

Love – Trailer (available on Netflix)

The Gentlemen – Trailer

You’re The Worst – Trailer

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