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Noel Woodward

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Edition No. 24

Handpicked Content
Film Highlight <br> The Roald Dahl Collection
Film Highlight
The Roald Dahl Collection
Netflix's 'The Roald Dahl Collection' is quintessentially Wes Anderson-esque. Whimsical & quirky with a stellar cast in tow, gear up for an hour and a half of delightful cinematic magic!

"A collection of 4 short films adapted from Dahl's lesser known set of stories - The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, The Swan, The RatCatcher & Poison."
TV Highlight <br> Ahsoka
TV Highlight
One look at the trailer for 'Ahsoka' made me scoff and label it as another Mandalorian regen. But boy, was I wrong! 'Ahsoka' has the life and vivacity of Mando + the tone and grit of 'Andor' - a match made in heaven! Dave Filoni has successfully managed to create a show that looks and sounds way better than any of the recent slate of films. 'Ashoka' is a solid entry, that should pave the way for future Star Wars content.

"Former Jedi knight Ahsoka Tano investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy."
Book Highlight <br> Western Lane by Chetna Maroo
Book Highlight
Western Lane by Chetna Maroo
Shortlisted for The Booker Prize, 'Western Lane' is an extremely tender & subtle coming of age story that captures the silences that exist as one wades through the various stages of grief. Chetna Maroo's debut literally knocks it out of the court!

"Eleven-year-old Gopi has been playing squash since she was old enough to hold a racket. When her mother dies, her father enlists her in a quietly brutal training regimen, and the game becomes her world. Slowly, she grows apart from her sisters. Her life is reduced to the sport, guided by its rhythms: the serve, the volley, the drive, the shot and its echo."
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