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Noel Woodward

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In the wake of the pandemic and as the world tries to grapple with the effects of a war, political, economic and social strife are ever present. 


Edition No. 16 turns to the last bastion called hope.

Handpicked Content
Documentary Highlight <br>Navalny
Documentary Highlight
From 'Collective' to 'Coup 53' and from 'The Dissident' to 'Navalny' there's been a steady stream of hard-hitting, eye-opening socio-political documentaries that question the status quo.

'Navalny' chronicles the rise of Putin's greatest detractor - through a botched assassination attempt and his subsequent detainment.

P.S. A couple of days after his arrest, his team released an investigative piece on Putin and the Kremlin. You could check it out here: 'Putin's Palace: The Story of the World's Biggest Bribe'
TV Highlight <br> Andor
TV Highlight
Tony Gilroy's 'Andor' is probably the best thing to happen to 'Star Wars' since 'Star Wars'. A politically charged espionage thriller that's set 5 years before the events of 'Rogue One','Andor' is bleak, dark yet deeply engrossing as it sets out to explore the birth of The Rebellion.

P.S. The Playlist has a dedicated companion segment called 'The Rogue Ones'
Podcast Highlight <br> Away From Home <br> by the Athletic
Podcast Highlight
Away From Home
by the Athletic
'The Athletic' is to Football what 'MKBHD' is to Tech. Listen in as Adam Crafton and Joey D'Urso gain unprecedented access to Shakhtar Donetsk - interacting with the players and the staff as they navigate their way through turbulent times.

"The Athletic is given inside access to leading Ukrainian football club Shakhtar Donetsk as they compete against the world's best teams despite being unable to play at home - in their own stadium - due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine."
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