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Noel Woodward

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Here's a rather special edition of The Envelope. The focus? Soundscapes in Film & TV. :)


Edition No. 12!

Handpicked Content
Film Highlight | Nightcrawler
Film Highlight | Nightcrawler
Dan Gilroy's directorial debut is an exhilarating neo-noir psychological thriller with an outstanding protagonist in Jake Gyllenhaal. "Louis Bloom, a petty thief, realises that he can make money by capturing photographs of crime scenes and starts resorting to extreme tactics to get them." James Newton Howard's hauntingly dark and beautiful score will stay with you long after the credits roll by. Stream on Netflix.
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Podcast Highlight | Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute
Podcast Highlight | Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute
One of my favourite podcasts and a fantastic deep dive into the making of some of the most iconic films, tv shows & video games with Dolby Institute director Glenn Kiser - as he discusses the "creative use of sound and image technologies with artists in the industry."
Keeping Score | A Segment on Original Soundtracks
July 9, 2022
There are times when you tend to doom-scroll your way through the never ending list of streaming platforms and are incapable of zoning in on that one piece of content that will satiate your cravings both on and off the screen – you’re most probably going to be punching that remote while that pizza gets […]
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Curated Curiosities
Composer Magazine
Composer Magazine
"Composer Magazine is a platform for inspiration showcasing emerging artists and interviews with top composers from the industry." Gorgeously designed + great interviews.
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